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Top D1AA Players of the Fall; Scrumhalf and Flyhalf

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Top D1AA Players of the Fall; Scrumhalf and Flyhalf

Rice captain and scrumhalf Ethan Kao.

Some of the players in the halfback positions play both 9 and 10, and in that case we put a player in a position where we felt they had the most impact.

These are the scrumhalves and flyhalves we felt made the biggest contributions to their D1AA teams. Of course, as we've been saying, it's easy to miss someone so let us know if we have, indeed, let someone slip through. Email us here>>

Top D1AA Players of the Fall-Scrumhalf
First Name Last Name College
Aiden Lewis Iowa State
Brandon Eng Virginia Tech
Conor Hutchison Iowa
Craig Jablonski NC State
Ethan  Kao Rice
Jack van Vliet South Carolina
Quinn Tiley Kansas State
Tom Kendall Alabama
Top D1AA Players of the Fall-Flyhalf
First Name Last Name College
Will  Perritt Clemson
Tom Hyong NC State
Paul Malito Alabama
Mike Costa Georgia
Liam Heanue Binghamton
Kevin McCann West Chester
Justin Johnson Iowa State
Jack Phillips Kentucky
Hugo Triqueiro Western Michigan
George Condra North Carolina
Devon Smith Sam Houston State
Brendan O'Neill Tennessee
Bobby Voth Boston College
Blake Bibb Kennesaw State
Bau Molinari Maryland
Archie Dennis The Citadel
Aiden Olivier Arkansas