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Top D1AA Players of the Fall; Flanker and No. 8

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Top D1AA Players of the Fall; Flanker and No. 8

Holden Hahn for Kentucky. Photo by Cassie Redden.

In case you haven't noticed, we've been listing these players in each category in different ways.

There's no ranking within these players, so we list them maybe in alphabetical order by team, or perhaps by last name, or in reverse alphabetical order. So, anyway, the point is the player listed at the top isn't necessarily considered better than the player listed at the bottom. We're just reocgnizing players that we can.

This time it's loose forward, with No. 8 separated out. A couple of players we listed up in the front row actually play a little No. 8 but we left them up there, not wanting to repeat anyone.

If you think we messed up and missed someone, that could well be true, so let us know here!

Top D1AA Players of the Fall-Flanker
First Name Last Name College
Parker Anderson Louisville
Matthew Beacom Tennessee
Isaac Brakner Kansas State
Caleb Budd North Carolina
Dylan Bylone Louisville
Gage Curry Kentucky
Arthur Dehareng UMass
Zach English Iowa State
Trace Eslinger Kansas
Lucas Fleming Nebraska
Holden Hahn Kentucky
Matt Ricciardelli Boston College
Tyriek Rivera West Chester
Nolan Van Loo Western Michigan
Aiden Wardell Western Michigan
Top D1AA Players of the Fall-No. 8
First Name Last Name College
Tanner Trewes Iowa
Phil Tracey Bowling Green
Alex Tomlinson NC State
Will Otondi Binghamton
Jake Morrison Alabama
Everett Marret Kentucky
Nate Lee Rice
Caleb Lee UTSA
Grant Howard South Carolina
Taylor Green Western Michigan
Cameron Gillespie Missouri
Kelvin Balagadde Iowa State