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The Time is Now to Plan a Rugby Tour

irish rugby tours

The Time is Now to Plan a Rugby Tour

Fordham men on tour to Ireland with Irish rugby tours.

We're talking today about a sponsor, so we will make no bones about that's what we're doing, but there's more to the story here.

Eventually we will get back to normal as far as COVID is concerned. Eventually it will become easier to travel and travel as a group. For that moment, Goff Rugby Report sponsor Irish Rugby Tours is ready. We spoke with IRT Managing Director George Hook when he visited the NAI 7s, and while we have the entire interview below, here are some highlights:

1. When travel was shut down because of COVID, Irish Rugby Tours worked with vendors and partners to reserve places for touring teams who had their tours canceled. The upshot was that tourists lost very little money, and instead simply had a tour for 2022 prepaid, ready for them when they are ready to go. They saved teams money and kept the dream alive for their tour.

2. Hook said that he is finding teams are not only enthusiastic about touring, but more so now than they were. Reserved tours are now seeing additional players, families, and supporters sign on. There are many attractions for the non-rugby-players even as the rugby players get games and coaching opportunities.

There are tours of major movie and TV show sets (Game of Thrones), historical sites, and beautiful natural scenery.

3. Irish Rugby Tours doesn't only run tours to Ireland. They take tourists to the UK, Spain and Portugal, Italy, and New Zealand. They find good, competitive games for the teams that tour, and fun and interesting side trips and cultural experiences in every country.

4. Touring and experiencing a cultural exchange is a huge part of rugby and in fact it's something that more teams should think about. We are GRR love rankings and championships, but you can be too caught up in that. Instead of your college team spending all winter/spring playing 7s, how about a tour to Europe? For High School and Youth teams, your regular season usually has a big break in the middle (hello Spring Break) and what better way to fill that time with some rugby in Portugal and a tour of Castelo de Almourol?

Now is the time to check it out. Contact Irish Rugby Tours at irishrugbytours.com