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Sutcliffe to Oversee CRAA Men D1AA and D2

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Sutcliffe to Oversee CRAA Men D1AA and D2

Sutcliffe was Commissioner of the California D1AA Conference before taking on the now position.

Santa Clara, Calif. – College Rugby Association of America has appointed Josh Sutcliffe as the new Commissioner for Men’s D1AA and D2 Rugby, effective immediately.

Sutcliffe comes to CRAA from his role as Director of Rugby at Stanford University. Before that he was USA Rugby's Coach Development Director and California D1AA Conference Commissioner.

His experience on the administrative side with USA Rugby, on the conference administration side with the California Conference, and as a coach with Stanford gives him a broad base of experience to help him in this new job.

As Commissioner, Sutcliffe will be responsible for overseeing and promoting the growth and development of Men’s D1AA and D2 Rugby, ensuring that both divisions continue to thrive and provide valuable opportunities for student-athletes across the nation.

“I am truly honored to take on this role as Commissioner for Men’s D1AA and D2 Rugby,” said Sutcliffe. “Collegiate rugby has a rich history, and I am committed to building on that legacy by working collaboratively with teams, coaches, players, and administrators to enhance the student-athlete experience and grow the sport.”

Sutcliffe’s vision for the future of Men’s D1AA and D2 Rugby includes building strong working relationships with the Men’s D1AA and D2 conference and improving the visibility of these conferences. 

“We believe that Josh Sutcliffe’s appointment as Commissioner will be a game-changer for Men’s D1AA and D2 Rugby,” said Paul Keeler, President of CRAA. “His passion for the sport and his dedication to its growth make him the ideal leader for these divisions. We look forward to the positive impact he will have on collegiate rugby.”

The College Rugby Association of America (CRAA) is a USA Rugby sanctioned competition that includes premier divisions within Men’s and Women’s Collegiate rugby.  The competition includes Men’s D1A, Women’s D1 Elite, Women’s D1 and D2, and the levels Sutcliffe wil oversee, Men's D1AA and D2.