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Strong Early Showing by Granite Bay

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Strong Early Showing by Granite Bay

Defending National HS Club champs, Granite Bay is as strong as ever. Photo Dan Bandoni.

Granite Bay is picking up where they left off, as the defending national HS Club champions won comfortably over a tough Wolverines team 60-10.

Even emptying the bench does little to easy to pressure form the Grizzlies as Granite Bay is experiences and deep. 

"We only had six seniors last year," noted Granite Bay Head Coach Chris Miller, adding that the GB JV side won NorCal's JV championship over Danville and those players are champing at the bit to show what they can do on the Varsity squad.

In addition, 2022 starting flyhalf Jared Quenga, who broke his leg while on tour midseason last year and missed nationals, is back healthy. Returning to rugby also is Spencer Patton, who played for Miller in middle school before taking a break from the sport. He is an impressive athlete.

Combining the additions (or returns) with the stalwart efforts of captain Avion Ganse, Frankie Cusano, and Thomas Koi, and the Grizzlies have resharpened their claws.

Next up will be Granite Bay vs a Danville team that has started off well. In terms of where these high school teams are in the stack ranking in GRR's Top 50 and also when it comes to making decisions about HS Nationals, this is an important early-season matchup.