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Southern California HS League Kicks Off

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Southern California HS League Kicks Off

Thunder Rugby beat Belmont Shore in a warmup last week.

After a long preseason period, Southern California sees high school rugby return.

Several very highly-regarded clubs are in action this weekend after several weeks of preseason clashes. Perhaps a little hard-done-by not to get an invitation to the Boys HS Rugby National Championships, Thunder Rugby has something to prove.

Belmont Shore remains a talented outfit, while 2019 National Boys HS Club champion, Back Bay, is in a bit of a rebuilding phase and opted not to apply to nationals this year as they retool. That doesn't mean they will be a pushover.

And the SOC Raptors, which have been invited to nationals, are looking to continue surprising teams. The San Diego Mustangs will be at Thunder Rugby this weekend, while San Clemente visits the Raptors and Belmont Shore hosts rivals Back Bay. The combined Aztecs/OMBAC side has a bye.

Here's the full Boys HS schedule (there is also a full schedule for the JV teams):

SoCal Boys HS Varsity Schedule
4/24 Mustangs at Thunder
4/24 San Clemente at Raptors
4/24 Back Bay at Belmont
5/1 Raptors at Back Bay
5/1 San Clemente at Mustangs
5/1 Thunder at Aztecs/OMBAC
5/8 Aztecs/OMBAC at Raptors
5/8 Thunder at Belmont
5/8 San Clemente at Back Bay
5/15 Belmont at San Clemente
5/15 Raptors at Thunder
5/15 Mustangs at Aztecs/OMBAC
5/22 Aztecs/OMBAC at Back Bay
5/22 Thunder at San Clemente
5/29 Back Bay at Thunder
5/29 Aztecs/OMBAC at Belmont
5/29 Raptors at Mustangs
6/5 SoCal Boys Final