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SOC Raptors Keep Going

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SOC Raptors Keep Going

The SOC Raptors continued their strong run through the Southern California HS league with a 40-0 defeat of the OMBAC/Aztecs team.

Marcus Nguyen scored two tries in the shutout with Sammy McMillan, Asher Hannon, Keona Armstrong, and Leo Jay all touching down as well. Hannon converted five.

In an effort to get as many players playing as possible, the teams played two 25-minute halves for the league game. and then played another 25 minutes to get everyone some time.

The Raptors won that third period 17-5, and then they all finished with some 7s.

"Good day of rugby," said Raptors Head Coach Sam McMillan. "Tons of respect for the OMBAC/Aztec coaches and team. They are a young team and played tough all afternoon. Coach Steve Marshall is one of the best in all of youth rugby."