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SIRC Makes Adjustments to Season

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SIRC Makes Adjustments to Season

Kennesaw State v MTSU in action last fall.

The South Independent Rugby Conference will kick off in October with a new schedule plan.

Last year, the conference wrapped up its championship in November, and then held a second matchup between the top two teams as part of the DIAA playoffs (FIU won the final, MTSU the playoff game). This coming season, the rugby will start about a month later than last season, and will actually finish up in the spring. The teams will play the first half of the season in the fall, take  a winter break, and then resume league play in February.

The playoffs will be a final four weekend April 8 and 9 April, giving teams a nice run-up to the national DIAA playoffs.

In addition, the conference will hold two 7s tournaments, with the North holding a tournament October 1-2 at Kennesaw State, and the South holding a tournament January 28 at North Florida.

North Florida has joined the conference for this season. The conference has also changed commissioners, with Rock Cole from the University of Memphis taking over from Jody Hensley of MTSU.

The SIRC is divided into two conferences of five teams, the South (Central Florida, Florida International, Florida State, South Florida, and North Florida), and the North (Middle Tennessee State, Kennesaw State, Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech, and Memphis). Each team will play the other teams in its division twice, making for an eight-game league season.

Watch out for the March 25 clash between Central Florida and FIU - that could be a decider in the South. MTSU v Kennesaw State on March 18 could also have major standings implications.

10/8/2016 Kennesaw State at Georgia Southern SIRC
10/15/2016 Georgia Tech at Memphis SIRC
10/22/2016 South Florida at Florida State SIRC
10/22/2016 Georgia Southern at Memphis SIRC
10/22/2016 North Florida at Central Florida SIRC
10/29/2016 Georgia Tech at Kennesaw State SIRC
10/29/2016 MTSU at Georgia Southern SIRC
10/29/2016 Florida International at North Florida SIRC
10/29/2016 South Florida at Central Florida SIRC
11/5/2016 Kennesaw State at MTSU SIRC
11/5/2016 Florida State at North Florida SIRC
11/5/2016 Georgia Southern at Georgia Tech SIRC
11/5/2016 Central Florida at Florida International SIRC
11/12/2016 Memphis at Kennesaw State SIRC
11/12/2016 MTSU at Georgia Tech SIRC
11/12/2016 Central Florida at Florida State SIRC
11/12/2016 Florida International at South Florida SIRC
11/19/2016 Florida State at Florida International SIRC
11/19/2016 Memphis at MTSU SIRC
11/19/2016 North Florida at South Florida SIRC
2/4/2017 Florida International at Florida State SIRC
2/4/2017 Central Florida at North Florida SIRC
2/11/2017 North Florida at Florida International SIRC
2/11/2017 Florida State at South Florida SIRC
2/11/2017 Georgia Tech at Georgia Southern SIRC
2/11/2017 MTSU at Memphis SIRC
2/18/2017 Georgia Southern at Kennesaw State SIRC
2/18/2017 Georgia Tech at MTSU SIRC
2/18/2017 Central Florida at South Florida SIRC
2/25/2017 South Florida at Florida International SIRC
2/25/2017 Florida State at Central Florida SIRC
3/4/2017 Kennesaw State at Georgia Tech SIRC
3/4/2017 North Florida at Florida State SIRC
3/4/2017 Memphis at Georgia Southern SIRC
3/18/2017 MTSU at Kennesaw State SIRC
3/18/2017 Memphis at Georgia Tech SIRC
3/25/2017 Florida International at Central Florida SIRC
3/25/2017 Georgia Southern at MTSU SIRC
3/25/2017 Kennesaw State at Memphis SIRC
3/25/2017 South Florida at North Florida SIRC
4/8/2017 Semis     SIRC
4/9/2017 Final     SIRC