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SIRC 7s Latest

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SIRC 7s Latest

The knockout rounds are set for Sunday’s play in the SIRC 7s in Tallahasee, Fla.

Favorites Florida International ended up being the only 4-0 team on the day, as FIU defeated Kennesaw State, MTSU, Lindenwood-Belleville, and Georgia Tech.

South Florida finished the day 3-1, while four teams finished 2-2, meaning the other two semifinal participants had to be decided by points difference. 

When it was all added up, Kennesaw State and Middle Tennessee State were +37 and +28, while Florida State and Lindenwood-Belleville had to be content with 5th and 6th.


So here are Sunday’s matchups:


Cup Semifinals:

South Florida v Kennesaw State

Florida International v MTSU


Consolation Semifinals:

Lindenwood-Belleville v Central Florida

Florida State v Memphis



Georgia Tech v Georgia Southern



Saturday scores:

UCF 32-0 UM
FSU 32-7 GSU
GT 5-31 L-B
FIU 24-7 KSU
UCF 14-24 USF
GSU 24-19 UM
GT 0-47 MTSU
KSU 21-22 L-B
FSU 5-27 USF
UCF 22-22 GSU
GT 0-50 KSU
FSU 0-22 UM
USF 33-19 GSU
FIU 29-10 L-B
MTSU 19-24 KSU
USF 14-14 UM
UCF 10-35 FSU
MTSU 17-12 L-B
GT 0-33 FIU