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SCRC Names Awardees, All-Conference Selections

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SCRC Names Awardees, All-Conference Selections

D2 MVP Conor Dempsey of Memphis. Will Fagan photo.

The Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference has named its conference MVPs and Coaches of the Year, along with their All-Conference selections for all three divisions.

SCRC rugby is played in D1AA, D2, and Small College, so there are selections for each. Not surprisngly, NCR D1AA champion Kentucky and NCR D2 runner-up Memphis are heavily represented.

D1AA Coach of the Year
Sam Enari, Kentucky

D1AA Player of the Year
Jack Phillips, Kentucky

Division 2 Coach of the Year
Dave Hill, Memphis

Division 2 Player of the Year
Conor Dempsey, Memphis

Small College Coach of the Year
Mark Dixon, Southeastern Louisiana

Small College Player of the Year
Allen Pennington, Southeastern Louisiana

SCRC Division 1AA All-Conference

Will Meckauskas, Kentucky
Holden Hahn, Kentucky
Tyler Walenga, Kentucky
Gage Curry, Kentucky
Matthew Beacom, Tennessee
Brendan Bibb, Tennessee
Grant Howard, South Carolina
Erik Elken, South Carolina
Andrew Townley, Alabama
Jacob Floresca, Alabama
Jack Madden, Georgia
Bryce Moberly, Auburn

Jack Phillips, Kentucky
Luke Keough, Kentucky
John Hall, Kentucky
Luke Mathis, Tennessee
Matthew McGettigan, Tennessee
Brendan O’Neill, Tennessee
Jack van Vliet, South Carolina
Dan Golden, 12, South Carolina
Tom Kendall, Alabama
Paulie Malito, Alabama
Justin Wade, Clemson
Cole Rinklin, Clemson
Baylor Williams, Clemson
Connor Westbrook, Georgia
Blake Bibb, Kennesaw State

SCRC Division 2 All-Conference

Harry Hagan, Memphis
Musa Banat, Memphis
Jalen McKinzie, Memphis
Jacob Queen, Tennessee Tech
Eric Tran, Tennessee Tech
Riley Mahony, Louisiana Tech
Kadin Ohmer, Louisiana Tech
Charlie Batterson, Ole Miss

Conor Dempsey, Memphis
Sehrab Bagha, Memphis
Caleb Schmidt, Memphis
Todd Harris, Tennessee Tech
Erik Motykowski, Tennessee Tech
Max Mouret, Tennessee Tech
Hudson Przybyski, Ole Miss

SCRC Small College All-Conference

Allen Pennington, Southeastern LA
Jeffrey Bell, Southeastern LA
Dondi Davis, Southeastern LA
Matthew Kilma, North Alabama
Shoma Maeda, North Alabama
John Pickford, Sewanee
Mason Ware, Sewanee
James Murff, Sewanee
Charlie Dewitt, Vanderbilt
Nolan Connerty, Vanderbilt
Mitch Finkelstein, Vanderbilt

Felix Hamilton-Marino, Southeastern LA
Michael Kennedy, Southeastern LA
Charlie Joe Rosemeyer, Sewanee
Carlos Madrid, Sewanee
Gibson Egan, Vanderbilt
Nick Teague, Vanderbilt
Tyler Pierce, Valdosta State
Ronnie Nelson, Valdosta State