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Rugby Oklahoma Latest - Outside Visitor

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Rugby Oklahoma Latest - Outside Visitor

Oklahoma’s HS league has been on essentially dominated by Union HS in recent years, but the competition is getting better.

Leading the way is Bixby, which started their season last week with a 59-5 win over Bartlesville. Thursday they tied Yukon, but that was just a curtain-raiser to this weekend’s clash with visiting St. Thomas Aquinas from the Kansas City area.

“We look OK this year,” said Bixby Head Coach Chris.  Always have athletes, and we have a little bit of experience.”

Bixby’s forward pack is strong and runs the ball well, and with prop Cody Adams coming back from wrestling (where he’s one of the top-ranked 220-pounders in the state) they will get stronger.

No. 8 Jake Jones defense very well and is a hard runner, while flanker Colyn Farley moved into the forwards from center and has adjusted nicely. Cade Cannon switched places with Farley and showed the aggressiveness that made him a starting linebacker on the state championship football team.

Out wide, Bixby is young, and fast, but needs that experienced, physical pack to set the platform.

“St. Thomas will be a big test for us,” said Smith.  

Union has speedy Tyren Al Jiboori looking strong this season, and talented lock Asa Carter, but they, as usual, have built a strong, deep, and athletic team that is greater than one or two special players. 

For Aquinas, this is the first step in a long spring looking for challenging games. They will be traveling around the country and outside of it looking to test themselves.

“You’ve got to get good games in at the beginning of the season,” said STA Head Coach Tim Kluempers. “We’ve been fortunate to be able to get outside a little this winter, but we’ve still been practicing a lot in the gym. That’s nice, but everyone can make it to the breakdown in the gym.”

STA lost some experienced front row players and most of their backline to graduation, but Kluempers said replacements have had experience and are ready.

“They’ve been working their butts off, and they’re not brand new to it all,” said the coach. “We just need to play. I am big on playing a lot of games. Training is fine but when it’s someone else trying to smash you, it’s a different deal.”


So far in Oklahoma, Bixby beat Bartlesville 59-5 and Yukon beat Stillwater 32-25. Union handled Edmond 30-5 and Normal edged Broken Arrow 32-29. Then Thursday Yukon and Bixby tied 17-17. Friday night, Broken Arrow faces Union and Edmond takes on Stillwater.