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Rugby Americas North U19s Schedule

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Rugby Americas North U19s Schedule

This is the schedule for the Rugby Americas North Men's U19 15s championships and the U19 Women's 10s Championships.

All from Bridgetown, Barbados.

Day 1 July 18      
# Pool TEAM 1 T TEAM 2
1 MA Mexico vs Trinidad & Tobago
2 MA Cayman Islands vs Curacao
3 MB USA South vs Bermuda
4 MB Jamaica vs Barbados
5 MA Mexico vs Curacao
6 MA Cayman Islands vs Trinidad & Tobago
7 MB USA South vs Barbados
8 MB Jamaica vs Bermuda
Day 2 July 19      
1 MA Mexico vs Cayman Islands
2 MA Trinidad & Tobago vs Curacao
3 WA USA South vs Saint Lucia
4 WA Trinidad & Tobago vs Curacao
5 MB USA South vs Jamaica
6 WB Jamaica vs Dominican Republic
7 WB Mexico vs Barbados
8 MB Bermuda vs Barbados
9 WA USA South vs Curacao
10 WA Trinidad & Tobago vs Saint Lucia
11 WB Jamaica vs Barbados
12 WB Mexico vs Dominican Republic
13 M Cup SF1 1st M Pool A vs 2nd M Pool B
14 M Cup SF2 1st M Pool B vs 2nd M Pool A
15 WA USA South vs Trinidad & Tobago
16 WA Saint Lucia vs Curacao
17 M Plate SF1 3rd M Pool A vs 4th M Pool B
18 WB Jamaica vs Mexico
19 WB Dominican Republic vs Barbados
20 M Plate SF2 3rd M Pool B vs 4th M Pool A
Day 3 July 20      
1 WQF1 1st W Pool A vs 4th W Pool B
2 WQF2 2nd W Pool B vs 3rd W Pool A
3 WQF3 2nd W Pool A vs 3rd W Pool B
4 WQF4 1st W Pool B vs 4th W Pool A
5 W Plate SF1 Loser WQF1 vs Loser WQF2
6 W Plate SF2 Loser WQF3 vs Loser WQF4
7 W Cup SF1 Winner WQF1 vs Winner WQF2
8 W Cup SF2 Winner WQF3 vs Winner WQF4
9 W Plate 7th&8th Loser W Plate SF1 vs Loser W Plate SF2
10 W Plate Final Winner W Plate SF1 vs Winner W Plate SF2
11 W Cup 3rd&4th Loser W Cup SF1 vs Loser W Cup SF1
12 W Cup Final Winner W Cup SF1 vs Winner W Cup SF2
Day 4 July 21      
1 M 7th&8th Loser M PLATE SF1 vs Loser M PLATE SF2
2 M Plate Final Winner M PLATE SF1 vs Winner M PLATE SF2
3 M Cup 3rd&4th Loser M CUP SF1 vs Loser M CUP SF2
4 M Cup Final Winner M CUP SF1 vs Winner M CUP SF1