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Rocky Mountain D1A Won't Play, But AFA, BYU Might

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Rocky Mountain D1A Won't Play, But AFA, BYU Might

BYU is training, but are other teams able to jump through the same hoops? David Barpal photo.

The Rocky Mountain men’s D1A conference has officially delayed any rugby until the fall.

The conference, which includes Colorado, Colorado State, Utah Valley, Utah State, New Mexico, and Wyoming will look at what they can do in the spring. However, playing in the early spring is difficult for those schools because it can snow well into March, sometimes later.

Also in the conference are BYU and Air Force Academy. These two teams may play some games in the fall.

The US Service Academies have all been through their bubble protocols and could be in a position to play a few games. Whether they actlally do is another matter.

BYU is in full training now after going through COVID-19 protocols. It’s unclear whether they will find an opponent, but they are training and had a recruiting event earlier in the month.

But getting through the COVID protocols and getting approval to trian and play is just part of the battle. Funding other teams that are in the same position and can compete against you is the next step, and there are very, very few programsd that are in a position to be allowed to play.