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Readers Chime In On 50-22 Law Under Trial

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Readers Chime In On 50-22 Law Under Trial

USA's AJ MacGinty boots it downfield for the Eagles against Canada last July. David Barpal photo.

After our short column on the strange nature of the new 50-22 law being trialed in Australia, we asked readers to chime in, and GRR readers are, as usual, being careful but skeptical.

We simple asked what people thought of the 50-22 law trial, which says that a kick from behind your 50 meter that bounces into touch inside the opposing 22 gives your team the throw-in. We didn't care for it (see: 50-22 Law Trial An Odd One).

We asked readers to vote on five options:

  • Will Open Up The Game
  • Stupid
  • Still Waiting For More Data
  • Won't Change That Much—Too Tough To Execute
  • Will Make The Game More Predictable

The two most popular responses were tied: Still Waiting For More Data (how reasonable), and Stupid (which is a much more fun answer).

Click on chart at left to enlarge.

Only about 20% said it will open up the game, meaning that the vast majority is not on board.

However, add "Will Open Up The Game" to "Need More Data" and you've got 56.5% who think it's either a good thing, or are still willing to wait to see how it turns out.