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Ramblin Jesters Young 7s Player Of The Month: Zac Tavenner

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Ramblin Jesters Young 7s Player Of The Month: Zac Tavenner

David Barpal photo.

Zac Tavenner is our Young Sevens Player Of The Month for a special reason.

Really, it's about what you need in a sevens player. Tavenner is quick, elusive, powerful, intelligent, and works hard. He covers almost all the bases. The one base he doesn't cover? Height. He's about 5-7, but that's not a detriment for the Cal wing.

In this case, Tavenner's low-to-the-ground style allows him to break tackles and his acceleration, coupled with his strength, have made him a huge weapon for Cal in the West Coast 7s and the upcoming PAC 7s.

"I always try to go for the shoulders because that's the weakest point, and go for it," said Tavenner. "[Winning the West Coast 7s] was a great feeling and we're playing well as a team. We're looking forward to hosting the PAC 7s and showing what we can do at home.

Zac Tavenner is our Ramblin’ Jesters Young 7s Player of the Month.


For more on the Ramblin' Jesters, see here.

The Ramblin’ Jesters is an elite invitational sevens team in the grand tradition of the Barbarians and other compilation teams, operating out of London in the UK.  

They have won the Rosslyn Park Floodlit 7s (beating London Irish and five-time winners Harlequins en-route to the final) and the Rugby Rocks Festival in London and the Copenhagen 7s in Denmark. 

In addition, the team has also finished runner-up tp the German national team in the Nancy 7s tournament in France, and, on their first trip to the USA, took third place in the Serevi RugbyTown 7s in Glendale Colo., finishing 6-1, and losing only to the eventual winners, Denver.

The Ramblin’ Jesters are keen to grow their US activity and connections and create opportunities for players on both sides of the Atlantic to play rugby to an elite level.  

The Ramblin’ Jesters are pleased to sponsor this Goff Rugby Report USA Young Sevens Player of the Month Award.

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