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Powerful BYU Sets Sights on Colorado State in Rocky Mt. Final

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Powerful BYU Sets Sights on Colorado State in Rocky Mt. Final

Former BYU captain and No. 8 Steve St. Pierre is the Cougars' Head Coach.

BYU has given up just one try this fall while winning five games by fairly enormous scores, so it’s no surprise, really, that you haven’t heard about it.

What with Head Coach Steve St. Pierre wanting to stay below the radar, and the games offering very little in the way of drama, 

What about this week? Mose Timoteo brings his Colorado State University Rams into Provo for the Rocky Mountain Conference final, and will be looking to capture that combination of work rate, adventure, and intelligent points-taking that unseated Colorado in the key matchup earlier the season.

With Sam Materson kicking being icewater cool and with a back row of Joe Kamara, Joe Rusert-Cuddy, and Daniel Trump, they have some talent. Connor Twigg and Mason Kreiter may be one of the best second-row combinations in the West. 

But BYU has shown exceptional ability to handle any type of opponent, whether it’s one that tests you out wide or one that mixes it up in the trenches. Against Colorado they managed to do both, with Wyatt Parry playing a really strong game at flyhalf they have benefited from two in-state high school products who have just grown and matured.

Prop Billy Tenney (United) is a big body who plays big, but not always. He can pass and he can set up teammates, which is a lot of what he did against the Buffaloes, sucking in defenders and passing before they hit him. When defenders hesitated to come up quickly, he would then run, and run hard.

“Billy is the least talked-about top player in the country,” said St. Pierre. “He’s very mobile for a big man with a high rugby IQ. And he’s a tough kid.”

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In the centers, Tayson Hammer (Herriman) scored a try and has emerged as a leader both in the team huddle and by example.

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And the scary thing? They haven’t pieced it all together.

“We’ve got some strong games coming up in the spring,” said St. Pierre. “The fall’s great for us to play some good teams in our conference. We always want to get the W but there are other ways you can learn. We just assess how we do and find out the work-ons going forward. Then in the spring we focus on playing some of the very top teams in the country. I am pleased with how things are going so far.”