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PlayRugby Leads Strong NY HS 7s Field

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PlayRugby Leads Strong NY HS 7s Field

Rugby NY's boys 7s season is well underway, with Pelham and Keio'FASNY looking to repeat in separate brackets.

The series is open to any teams - single school, combined schools, or clubs pulling from several teams. This is so players can get as much time on the field as they wish.

So far the teams participating include:

Fairfield, PlayRugby, NYRFC, OGRCC (all clubs)

Keio Academy/French American School of NY (a combined team)

Pelham, Bishop Loughlin (single-school teams)


So far the series has held three tournaments and are now in a break before finishing with two more. 

The varsity division has seen PlayRugby emerged as a dominant team. Elijah Billups has been superb and Damian Morley as good. With those two and a strong influx of Xavier HS players, Play Rugby has won each of the first three tournaments. However, the wins haven't been runaways, as PlayRugby had to work hard to get by Keio/ FASNY  and later Pelham HS. Nick Lapponesse has been outstanding for Pelham. 

While PlayRugby is clearly the leader, the next three teams are within a point of each other, Keio/ FASNY, Fairfield and Pelham are each one point away. In another cluster are NYRC, PlayRugby 2 and Bishop Loughlin, with NY and PlayRugby 2 tied, and Bishop Loughlin just three points behind.

As these teams come back year after the year, the standard has been raised.

In the JV division, Old Greenwich Rugby Club has won all three tournaments followed closely by Pelham. Keio/ FASNY/Fairfield and Bishop Pouhglan follow. A new team from Queens NY will join the fray for the final two tournaments - Oct 28 and Nov. 4, both at New Rochelle HS.