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Player Spotlight: Aidan Konja, St. Augustine

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Player Spotlight: Aidan Konja, St. Augustine

Konja goes for the box kicks.

Undefeated Saint Augustine is set to take on San Clemente in the SCIRF final, and a big part of that is Aidan Konja.

The skillful scrumhalf was the player of the game in the Saints’ recent win over Cathedral, really their last major test before the final.

“His work rate as a number 9 is phenomenal,” said Head Coach Ethan Willis. “And he continues to be an outstanding captain for our side.”

“I’m loving it so far,” added Konja. “Our standards are getting higher and higher. The coaches believe in us and hold us to accountability, and we’re working hard with a really good attitude in practice, so it’s been really good.”

Konja helps run the attack nicely but he is also very active on defense. He can score but he also sets up tries with his own tackling.

“We have a lot of seniors on the team and we’re just excited to play together,” said Konja. “If I am having a good season it’s because we have so much strength and skill throughout the team. I can only thank my team for what has happened.”

Now in the GRR Top 10 among single-school teams, Saint Augustine is getting notice on campus.

“A lot of people are coming up and asking us, are you really ranked #7?” relates Konja. “It’s cool to say, yeah, we are. Now more people want to come see us play, and we’re getting more athletes coming to play the sport. It’s all good.”