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Player Spotlight: Aidan Chavez Rocks it at PR7s Trial

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Player Spotlight: Aidan Chavez Rocks it at PR7s Trial

Aidan Chavez finds some space for the KC Jr. Blues.

As we come to the fourth Talent ID Trial for PR7s it's interesting to note the young players who have shown their abilities.

One of those out of the Kansas City Trial was Aidan Chavez, a player for the Kansas City Junior Blues who turned heads at the Kansas City Trial.

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Perhaps not a surprise. This is what KC Jr. Blues Head Coach Casey Cummings told GRR leading into the NAI 7s this past summer:

"We're looking for a big performance from incoming senior Aiden Chavez from Fort Osage High School. He had a great spring and won the Jr Blues Back of the Year award even while battling a few injuries. He is feeling and looking fresh and I think ready to blow the doors off some competition again in SLC."

Of Dominican descent but raised Samoan since he was six, Chavez started playing rugby as a freshman in high school, hooking on with the Independence Warriors before transferring to the Junior Blues his second year. As Cummings pointed out, the scrumhalf eploded in his junior year. He was a constant threat to run as well as run the attack and against Lindbergh last year he scored five tries in one game.

Taking a PR7s Flyer?

Chavez learned about the youth camp just before the KC trail, and when Cummings told him that Waisale Serevi would be there, "that's what really got me hooked," Chavez told GRR. "Then I found out about the tryouts through social media and decided I should go."

Oh, sure, just like that, go to a professional talent ID trial just for the heck of it.

"Going into this camp I knew I was the underdog," Chavez said. "I came in as one of the youngest, skinniest, and least-experienced players than anyone else around me, and that drove me to do the best I could. I wanted to show Serevi and Mike [Tolkin] that I have what it takes to be a part of the PR7s organization despite my lack of experience and physique."

And he did exactly that. 

This is what PR7s General Manager Mike Tolkin, after the Talent ID Trial in KC, said about Chavez:

"A precocious athlete. Very good all-around skill and running ability. He is a natural."

Chavez also logged one of the fastest 40-meter times at the Trial.

Keep an eye on this kid.

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