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Pelham Wins Tour Match In Texas

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Pelham Wins Tour Match In Texas

Pehlam vs St. Thomas. Jordan Maat photo.

Pelham HS of New York is on tour in Texas and started off with a nicely-taken 53-10 victory over St. Thomas in Houston Thursday.

Winter weather and an iced-up plane made for a very long travel day on Wednesday, but the Pelham team fronted up well after a relatively slow start in the rain.

The game started with several knock-ons (starting with Pelham dropping the opening kickoff), but eventually the teams found their hands.

St. Thomas scored early from an eightman pick, and then scored right off the resart to lead 10-0.

But then Pelham went to work with No. 8 Nick Lappanesse scoring three tries while Philip Dulock scored two and kicked 13 more points for a personal haul of 23.

"We spent about 11 hours traveling, with all the delays," said Pelham Head Coach Matt Persanis. "But we enjoyed great hospitality here."

Pelham, whose team is all sophomores and juniors, will finish up the tour attending a Houston Sabercats game and then the USA vs Brazil game.