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AC Foundation Supports Collegiate All-Star Team At NY 7s

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AC Foundation Supports Collegiate All-Star Team At NY 7s

Photo courtesy Keith Killeen.

Among the teams entered in this coming weekend's New York 7s collegiate bracket will be a select side of local players backed by the New York Athletic Club.

The team started a few years ago as a collection of Pelham HS alumni, with one or two friends as additions. The concept has expanded a little, as the former Pelham players make friends with former opponents.

Now, the AC Rugby Foundation out of New York has stepped in to support to effort, reasoning that putting the NYAC Rugby name behind a team of talented rugby players would be a good recruiting move.

The team has performed well. Two years ago they beat Stony Brook to win the Plate at the New York 7s. Last year they made the Cup Final before losing to Bishop's University out of Canada.

Most of the players have played against each other in high school and college and have played with each other on various All-Star teams, such as the MET NY All-Stars, the HS All Americans, and the Collegiate All Americans.

Coached by Keith Killeen and Matt Persanis, the team gets together just before the tournament but the players' familiarity with each other has helped them perform well as a team.

The support from the Foundation, which includes jerseys with the NYAC Rugby crest, is a smart way that a senior club can partner with talented players.

NYAC Collegiate 7s Roster:

Luke Persanis, Pelham HS, University Delaware, Collegiate All Americans, HS All Americans, Atlantis
North Westall, Pelham HS, St Bonaventure, Collegiate All Americans
Justin Lopez, University of Delaware, Dominican National 7s team
Ryan Hercules, PlayRugby, Life University, Northeast Academy
Sam Louman, Pelham HS, William and Mary, HS All Americans
Peter Reyes, Xavier, Kutztown, White Plains
Joe Philips, Canissius College, Buffalo RFC
Justin Johnson, Pelham HS, Lafayette, SR
Yohendy Martinez, NYRFC, St Bonaventure
Moriyah Tulloch, Pelham HS, Canisius College
Nick Lapponese, Pelham HS, Fairfield University
Alex Walker, Pelham HS, Fairfield University
Steve Ramos, Pelham HS, Westchester CC