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Non-Ivy League Play Allows Yale to Grow

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Non-Ivy League Play Allows Yale to Grow

Photo courtesy of Yale Women's Rugby Football Club

Yale invited UMass, Columbia, Siena College, Endicott College, and Northeastern to the Yale 7s Tournament this past weekend in order to gain more experience against non-Ivy League and non-varsity teams. Although Yale did this to develop their young team for their current 7s season, all teams that attended found the tournament to be just as beneficial.

"We used last weekend to let people try out an actual 7s game for the first time," Northeastern president Katie Sweeney said. "Our main goal for the team is to get more experience playing." 

Yale 7s is a newer, adjusted formation of the Yale Classic. However, Yale coach Craig Wilson wanted to engage teams they wouldn't see in their regular league.

"It is important from a rugby and social point of view to play against other teams and build new experiences," Wilson said. "My aim for this tournament was to allow all teams to express themselves in a fun, friendly yet competitive environment."

UMass prevailed as the overall champion of the tournament. Endicott College finished closely behind with Yale following.

Order of Finish:

1. UMass
2. Endicott College
3. Yale
4. Northeastern
5. Columbia
6. Siena College

Even though the teams wanted to gain more 7s experience without the pressure of the regular season play, this tournament was about more than having a good time. This set the precedent for the rest of the season as well as the improvements to come to reach a goal. For Yale, that goal settles in Princeton at the Ivy Championship 7s on April 23.

"The Ivy League that we play in is slightly complicated as there are three full varsity status teams that we compete against," Wilson said. "Yale is a club sport. There are obvious differences between the performance levels of varsity and club sports and beating one of those teams is an almighty challenge."

Before reaching that goal, Yale is focused on playing as a team and developing with each game. They're always looking for a measurable target, which in the end, is how they believe they will be able to clinch the championship next weekend.