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Nominations Open for Women's All-American Competition Pools and Honors List

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Nominations Open for Women's All-American Competition Pools and Honors List

LAFAYETTE, CO. - In collaboration with its collegiate department, USA Rugby has opened nominations for the Collegiate All-American (CAA) honors list and competition pools at the Junior All-American (JAA) and Collegiate All-American levels. In an effort to increase opportunities for both 15s and 7s athletes who may not be present at sanctioned events, the organization will seek assistance from the community to identify elite players. Submissions will be accepted until May 7th for assemblies taking place in June (JAA 15s, CAA 15s, CAA 7s) and August (JAA 15s) here.


In keeping with the desire to expand talent identification at the age-grade level, General Manager for Women's High Performance Emilie Bydwell acknowledges the importance of collaborating with the collegiate department and encouraging community involvement.


"The nomination process is important. Whilst we endeavor to scout sanctioned events such as Regional Cup Tournaments and Collegiate Championships, we understand there are athletes deserving of recognition and selection that may not be there," says Bydwell.


The All-American honors list -- generated by the collegiate department -- is designed to recognize on field excellence and contributions made by a student-athlete to collegiate rugby over the course of a school year. Similarly, competition pools -- selected by USA Rugby High-Performance -- are designed to provide opportunities for collegiate athletes who have the potential to excel in international rugby competition and represent the United States in World Cup and Olympic Teams.


"America's geographical reality is challenging, which is why we need the community to support us in our search for future Eagles. It is our responsibility [High Performance] to clearly define criteria for athletes that we feel better explain descriptors and success indicators of international potential. That is something we are working on and hope to publish in the near future for the community," says Bydwell, further describing the thought process behind open nominations.


In addition to players who possess strong athletic capabilities and appropriate character traits, Junior All-Americans must be born in 1998 or 1999 with Collegiate All-Americans currently in a university program.


At the close of open nominations on May 7th, a selection panel including Bydwell, senior and pathway coaches will choose the final player pool.


To nominate an athlete for upcoming All-American honors list and/or competition, please visit here.


To support age-grade athletes in their endeavor to become Olympians and join National Teams, click here.