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National School 7s a Unique Opportunity

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National School 7s a Unique Opportunity

National School 7s is set for October 2022.

The National Schools 7s is a premier schools based rugby tournament being held at the legendary Salt Lake Regional Athletic Complex on 7-8 October, 2022.

This is a tournament that opens up Olympic rugby competition for schools in a school-team-only environment. Open to high school and middle school teams, boys and girls, the National School 7s can also be a chance for a group of players from the same school, who normally play 15s as a club, to play together as a school team.

As such, this tournament can be a kick-starter for turning fledgling groups of players into fully-fledged school rugby teams.

There are three divisions the first year: Varsity, JV, and Middle School (7-8 grade) for both boys and girls. As the tournament grows, more tiers will be added to ensure teams are able to compete against other schools of similar levels.

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