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National 7s Youth Championships To Be Better, Stronger

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National 7s Youth Championships To Be Better, Stronger

EIRA and Rhinos in the Boys Tier I final in 2021. Alex Goff photo.

The National 7s Youth Rugby Championships are back for 2022 and once again will be held in Cleveland on the fields of St. Ignatius HS.

Several returning  programs such as Belmont Shore, Eagle Impact Rugby Academy, and Rhino Rugby Academy are back again for another shot, while new teams such as LA Tribe and Upright Rugby Rogues are also coming.

There remains some room for teams, especially in the Tier II Boys bracket.

The Tier II is an excellent opportunity for U15 programs that aren’t sure where they fit in the national landscape to test themselves out.

“I'd like to see this Tier continue to grow and expose more kids to this level of play,” said Tournament Director Pat Rahill. “I see that other tournaments are opening up this as an option too and I think this can/will be the greatest driver in the expansion of youth rugby.”

Last year, 17 boys teams and six girls teams took part in the inaugural National 7s Youth Rugby Championships. Rhinos won the Boys Tier I Final, while Belmont Shore was outstanding in winning the Girls Final. Vienna took the Boys Tier II.

The tournament was well-received for the facilities, with three full turf fields available throughout the weekend, including the school’s main stadium, located in a vibrant part of Cleveland known as Ohio City. In addition, St. Ignatius HS got behind the event providing amenities for refs and water for all the teams.

“I think we had a pretty successful inaugural year,” said Rahill. “But being nitpicky, there are opportunities for us to do better. This ultimately will lead to a better experience for the athletes, coaches, and fans.”

To register for the National 7s Youth Rugby Championships, go here>>