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MTSU Defeats KSU - Middle-Schoolers Rescue Game

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MTSU Defeats KSU - Middle-Schoolers Rescue Game


Middle Tennessee State put down something of a marker in the opening game of the South Independent Rugby Conference, as they defeated longtime rivals Kennesaw State 50-8 in Georgia.

The two teams usually play very close games, but this time around MTSU took control early. Two minutes into the game, MTSU No. 8 Josh Pentecost scored and with scrumhalf Coty Baker's conversion the Blue Raiders led 7-0. On the ensuing restart, KSU kicked deep into MTSU territory and soon created a turnover. After putting together some phases, KSU got over the try line to bring the score to 7-5. But it was just about all MTSU after that, with Baker notching 30 points from four tries and gfive conversions. Stephen Wyatt, Adam Byrd, and James Daugherty added a try each. The KSU squad hung touch, but MTSU was much more cohesive.

The two teams will meet again in Murfreesboro, Tenn. on October 17.


MTSU (blue) and KSU huddle before the game.
MTSU Huddle
Kennesaw State Huddle

The game was moved out of the KSU campus because this weekend marked the beginning of the Kennesaw State football program, started by legendary coach Vince Dooley, who, at the University of Georgia, coached, among others, former USA rugby star Richard Tardits.

Because of the football game, KSU rugby was without a place to play. In stepped the Georgia HS Rugby Association, which hosted the game at at local high school and the Roswell Middle School rugby progra donated the food for the players.

About 20 middle-school kids signed up to participate in the event and learn about rugby. Local football coaches also got to see the game and be introduced to the sport.

"It was all received very positives," said GHSRA President Daniel Pretorius.

MTSU Head Coach Jody Hensley also expressed his gratitude for the what the game was hosted.

"It is great to see youth rugby supporting college rugby," said Hensley. "Perhaps we will see more college and men’s rugby teams reciprocate this gesture and get involved in youth rugby."