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MSIRL Back For Another Season

HS Boys

MSIRL Back For Another Season

The Mid-South Independent Rugby League is back for another go, as seven boys HS teams from several states look to face off in order to get more consistent tough games.

Chapel Hill, Phoenix Alpharetta, Wando, Charlotte Tigers, Union County Lions, South Greenville, and Charlotte Catholic will all compete in the league.

As has been the case in the past, some MSIRL games will be played as part of Carolina Ruggerfest.

All teams will play each other once, for a six-game MSIRL season.

The top four will then enter a playoffs (#1 vs #4, and #2 vs #3). 

This continues to be a hugely successful answer to the problem of very strong teams struggling to find consistently challenging games in league play. Having an additional league outside of their states allows these teams to prepare for playoffs and the National Championships (if they want to) and get game time for their top-line 15, while also competing in in-state competition and getting game time for younger players.