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Momentum Shifts In Idaho JV Girls 7s

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Momentum Shifts In Idaho JV Girls 7s

Photo Amy Morrison.

It's 7s, so it's always unpredictable.

On Monday night in the Rugby Idaho girls JV 7s league, Mountain View took control of 1st place in the league, but only for about 45 minutes. The host team in Monday's 2nd round of action defeated Rocky Mountain Purple in the 2nd game of the day. Both teams had gone into that contest at 2-0; Mountain View burst out of the game with two tries in the first four minutes, and then right after the break scored again to lead 17-0. Only in the final couple of minutes did Rocky Mountain get on the scoreboard, running in two converted tries to make it close. But Mountain View held on 17-14.

So now Mountain View was 3-0 going into a game with Rocky Mountain Black, a team that had lost in relatively convincing fashion to Rocky Mountain Purple two weeks ago. Rocky Mountain Black scored right off the kickoff, and added another a minute later to lead 14-0. Mountain View chased them but RM Black had an answer each time and won 24-10. 

Rocky Mountain Purple, meanwhile, was then taken down by a surging Eagle HS team, which had entered the evening 0-2 and left 2-2. It seemed the entire evening was about momentum and confidence. RM Black won big in its opener, and possibly felt extra good about their chances against Mountain View. RM Black had lost, and really weren't in that game until the very end, and perhaps was a little flat against Eagle, while Eagle had logged its first victory after two close losses in Week 1, and were certainly feeling a little happier about their chances.

The result was that 0-2 Eagle improved to 2-2, and 2-0 RM Purple ended up 2-2 as well, and we still have a virtual tie at the top.

Scores from Round 2 Rugby Idaho JV Girls 7s (Tracked by Match Facts):
Rocky Mountain Black 38-0 Meridian HS
Rocky Mountain Purple 14-17 Mountain View
Meridian 10-15 Eagle HS
Mountain View 10-24 Rocky Mountain Black
Eagle HS 17-5 Rocky Mountain Purple


Rugby Idaho Girls Fall 7s Standings After Week 2
Rocky Mountain HS: Black JV 3 1 0 79 39 40 6
Mountain View HS: JV 3 1 0 59 53 6 6
Rocky Mountain HS: Purple JV 2 2 0 90 44 46 4
Eagle HS: JV 2 2 0 37 37 0 4
Meridian HS: JV 0 4 0 25 117 -92 0