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MN Tundra Take 2 Teams to LVI

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MN Tundra Take 2 Teams to LVI

Watch for HSAA Renee Gonzales during the LVI Girls HS Open 7s division.

There was ample interest in the Girls High School Elite 7s division of the LVI, and the eight-team competition filled up quickly. Unfortunately for teams like the Minnesota Tundra, among others, some all-star teams were kept out of the top tier, but on a positive note, that means the H.S. Open division will be better than ever.

Head coach Jimmy Hanson is bringing two 7s teams to the Las Vegas Invitational. The 22 players hail from seven different teams, with perennial state champion Armstrong supplying 10 athletes.

The most recognizable player wearing the Tundra jersey is Armstrong fullback Renee Gonzales, who was named to the first-ever, 15-player High School All American team last year. Gonzales is a Tundra 15s veteran, as is Hopkins scrumhalf Ellie Fromstein, who played inside center during the Stars & Stripes assembly in 2014.

Other notable players include Kristin Tanner, who serves as flyhalf and captain of both Armstrong and Tundra; and North Suburban’s Brooke Miller, who will share captaining duties with Tanner. And keep an eye on Sonetta Williams, an Armstrong and Tundra 15s veteran, who recently committed to Lindenwood and will be playing varsity DI college rugby next year.

“We've got a lot of good changes coming up for Tundra this year,” Hanson said, “starting with our excitement over bringing in Christy Ringgenberg to take over as head coach our 7s program.”

Ringgenberg is one of the most experienced, successful Eagles to wear a USA jersey, both in 7s and 15s, and her influence will certainly pay off.

The team will need it, considering the 10 Canadian sides and American all-star teams like Atlantis, Oregon Red Hawks and Tennessee Tri-Stars entered in the competition.

Player High School Team
Alexis Saari Hopkins
Amber Brevig Armstrong
Amy Scherer Hopkins
AnnaMarie Combs Faribault
Blaire Dormanen Orono
Bridget Mielke Orono
Brijana Tulimasealii Armstrong
Brooke Miller (C) North Suburban
Carley Brugnoli Armstrong
Chloe Thomas Armstrong
Courtney Martin Burnsville
Danielle Bauer North Suburban
Ellie Fromstein Hopkins
Haylee Thull Armstrong
Jill Kearney Armstrong
Kristin LeFebvre Hastings
Kristin Tanner (C) Armstrong
Maggie Cargin Hastings
Nicole Gustafson Armstrong
Renee Gonzalez Armstrong
Sonetta Williams Armstrong
Tatum Johnson North Suburban