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MetNY U23s to Face Connecticut Selects

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MetNY U23s to Face Connecticut Selects

MeyNY in red played Lansdowne in May.

The MetNY U23 men's team sponsored by the AC Rugby Foundation returns to the field this weekend with a Saturday night clash with the Connecticut Selects men's all-star team.

For many of these New York-area collegiate players, suiting up for the MetNY U23s is the only rugby they've been able to play. In November the MetNY U23s beat the White Plains club and in May they defeated Lansdowne. After this game on Saturday they are also slated to meet the USA South Panthers in July.

Saturday's game will be played as three 30-minute periods, allowing more players to take the field and show off their abilities.

Here's the MetNY U23 lineup with their college team listed as well.

1- John Zeich, NYAC, Kutztown U
2- North Westall, St Bonaventure
3- Luke McDermott, Univ. Delaware
4- Omar Elboudani, University at Buffalo
5- Matt Perez, Univ. Delaware
6- Nick Lapponnesse, Fairfield University
7- Tom Capriotti, Penn State
8- Yohendy Martinez, NYAC, St Bonaventure
9- Luke Persanis (C), Univ. Delaware
10- Dor Perl, Univ. Delaware
11- Justin Johnson, Unattached
12- Mike Scarcella, Iona
13- Tom Treussard, Penn State
14- Jesse Capriotti, Penn State
15- Joe Philips, Canisius

16- Steve Ryan, Fairfield University
17- Ryan Thompson, Binghamton
18- Reed Hammond, St Bonaventure
19- Steve Ramos, Unattached
20- Mohamad Barry, Old Blue
21- Jesus Robles, St Bonaventure
22- Dylan Lewis, Brown University
23- Jon Kim, Brown University
24- Philip Dulock, Colgate
25- Justin Chatman, Univ. Delaware
26- Kojo Sheng, Santa Clara
27- Moriyah Tulloch, Canisius