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Men's College Schedule This Spring—So Far

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Men's College Schedule This Spring—So Far

Arkansas State could be back on the field soon. David Barpal photo.

The men's D1A and D1AA college season will likely have some games, and we could see an entire conference season or two.

With several programs having instituted stringent COVID safety protocols, and having avoided any major outbreaks, these teams appear ready to compete. However, there is an overarching caveat to the plan, namely, that plans can change. Every coach we've contacted has said that they remain hopeful and are planning to play, but understand that things could stop the games at any time.

As for those seldom-defined protocols, the programs we've spoken to or who have met some conference standards are all testing their players three times a week. Some programs (Cal) have committed to more; Cal tests daily. Other protocols that are generally followed by everyone include disinfecting balls and other equipment, and maintaining health monitoring. 

As for the games themselves, the Mid-South has planned a full conference season. The SCRC has a season planned that starts late and is shortened, but could still work out. The varsity and quasi-varsity teams in the Chesapeake have planned to play each other, but it's not for standings. The military academies are expected to be able to play, but they aren't allowed to fly, so the travel is somewhat limited.

Travel on buses will be problematic as well. Cramming 40-odd players on a bus now seems Covidly ill-advised.

So ... this is what we have so far. We may see more games added, but we may also see some taken away.

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Current D1 College Schedule As Of 2/2/2021
2/6 Lindenwood at Arkansas State Mid-South D1A
2/13 Arkansas State at Life Mid-South D1A
2/20 Lindenwood at Life Mid-South D1A
2/20 Davenport Red vs Davenport White Non-Conference Intrasquad
2/26 Illinois at Lindenwood Non-Conference D1A
2/27 Mystic River RFC at Life Non-Conference D1A
2/27 Davenport at Lindenwood Mid-South D1A
2/27 Southern Virginia at Virginia Tech Non-Conference D1AA
2/27 Queens U Charlotte vs Mount St. Mary's Non-Conference D1AA
3/6 Arkansas State at Lindenwood Mid-South D1A
3/6 Iowa Central CC at Davenport Non-Conference D1A/D1AA
3/6 Southern Virginia at Queens U. Charlotte Chesapeake D1AA
3/13 Davenport at Life Mid-South D1A
3/13 Marian at Lindenwood Non-Conference D1A/D1AA
3/13 Central Washington at Lindenwood Non-Conference D1A
3/13 Iowa Central CC vs Kansas Non-Conference D1AA
3/13 Navy at Southern Virginia Non-Conference D1A/D1AA
3/13 Queens U Charlotte vs Army Non-Conference D1A/D1AA
3/20 Life at Lindenwood Mid-South D1A
3/20 Southern Virginia at Mount St. Mary's Chesapeake D1AA
3/20 Queens U Charlotte vs Navy Non-Conference D1A/D1AA
3/27 Queens U Charlotte at Life Non-Conference D1A/D1AA
3/27 Heart of American 7s at Overland Park KS 7s Tournament Tnmnt
3/27 Lindenwood at Iowa Central CC Non-Conference D1A/D1AA
3/27 Arkansas State at Davenport Mid-South D1A
3/27 Kennesaw State at Alabama SCRC D1AA
3/27 LSU at Georgia SCRC D1AA
3/27 Kentucky at Tennessee SCRC D1AA
3/27 South Carolina at Clemson SCRC D1AA
3/27 Mary Washington at Southern Virginia Chesapeake D1AA
4/3 Life at Davenport Mid-South D1A
4/3 Tropical 7s at Orlando Fla 7s Tournament Tnmnt
4/3 St. Louis Ruggerfest at St. Louis Tournament Tnmnt
4/3 LSU at Kennesaw State SCRC D1AA
4/3 Georgia at Alabama SCRC D1AA
4/3 Clemson at Tennessee SCRC D1AA
4/3 South Carolina at Kentucky SCRC D1AA
4/3 NC State at Southern Virginia Chesapeake D1AA
4/3 Lander at Queens U. Charlotte Non-Conference B Side
4/10 Life at Arkansas State Mid-South D1A
4/10 Lindenwood at Davenport Mid-South D1A
4/10 Queens U Charlotte vs Iowa Central CC Non-Conference D1AA
4/10 Marian vs Iowa Central CC Non-Conference D1AA
4/10 Georgia at Kennesaw State SCRC D1AA
4/10 Alabama at LSU SCRC D1AA
4/10 Tennessee at South Carolina SCRC D1AA
4/10 Kentucky at Clemson SCRC D1AA
4/10 Queens U Charlotte vs Iowa Central CC Non-Conference D1AA
4/17 Denver 7s at Denver, Colo. 7s Tournament Tnmnt