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MAVRC Names All-Conference Selections

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MAVRC Names All-Conference Selections

St. John's center Paul Carvajal looks for space against DeMatha.

The MAVRC Conference HS competition has named its all-conference selections.

The MAVRC includes DeMatha, Gonzaga HS, Georgetown Prep, Our Lady of Good Counsel, and St. John's College. 

Here is the list:

MAVRC First Team
Andrew Trybus Senior Georgetown Prep
Ben Sozio Junior St. John's College
Benji Kemp Senior Gonzaga
Brady Campbell Senior Good Counsel
Burke Carroll Junior Gonzaga
Chris McDonnell Senior Good Counsel
Emmett Cook Junior Gonzaga
Fernando Castillo Senior DeMatha
Garrett Schuppner Senior St. John's College
Joey Squirlock Senior Good Counsel
Joey Ries Junior Gonzaga
JP Vinter Senior Gonzaga
Luke Coetzee Junior Georgetown Prep
Mike Keheo Junior St. John's College
Miles Malone Senior Gonzaga
Noah Wood Senior DeMatha
Patrick Hefright Senior Georgetown Prep
Patrick McHale Junior Georgetown Prep
Patrick McMahon Senior Gonzaga
Ricky DeSouza Senior Good Counsel
Roman Funkhouser Senior Gonzaga
Sam Trybus Senior Georgetown Prep
Steve Chapman Senior Georgetown Prep

Honorable Mention
Aidan Long Senior Georgetown Prep
Alex Ogu Junior St. John's College
Andrew LaFrankie Soph. Gonzaga
Billy Molloy Junior Georgetown Prep
Brendan Martin Soph. Good Counsel
Deirick Rosas Junior DeMatha
Ian Thomson Junior Georgetown Prep
Isaiah Holland Senior DeMatha
Kimani Laumoli Soph. Gonzaga
Lucas Barsantini Senior Gonzaga
Lucas Bichy Junior St. John's College
Mark Sullivan Junior Good Counsel
Max Heineman Junior Good Counsel
Nate Deegan Senior Gonzaga
Patrick DuFour Junior Georgetown Prep
Paul Carvajal Senior St. John's College
Sean Russell Junior Good Counsel
Tyler Munson Senior St. John's College
Walter Thomas Senior DeMatha
Will Carmody Senior Gonzaga