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Massive Response for National 7s Youth Championships

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Massive Response for National 7s Youth Championships

The National 7s Youth Championships is held each June in Cleveland, Ohio.

The National 7s Youth Rugby Championships is now pretty much fill, with just a few open spots in the Girls U14 bracket.

There is, however, a waitlist for some brackets.

Really Full

The U16 Boys bracket is completely full. Every team that registered has not confirmed they are attending. The waitlist exists, but the expectation is that the registered teams will attend.

Pretty Full

The U16 Girls is currently full but there is a waitlist and teams are encouraged to pay attention to updates in case a vacancy appears.

The U14 Boys was so popular this year that it has split into two tiers. And both tiers are essentially full. The tournament is waiting on one or two final confirmations, so the waitlist is still in effect, but basically both tiers are full.

Still Available

The U14 Girls bracket has three sports available. To register, go here>>

Massive Growth

Going from a three-bracket event to a five-bracket event, and one in which the brackets are basically full by mid-March is a massive accomplishment for a tournament that hadn't played a game two years ago. Run by Pat Rahill and supported by the vibrant Cleveland rugby community, the National 7s Youth Championships will welcome close to 500 young rugby athletes to play June 9, 10, and 11 at the fields on the campus of St. Ignatius HS.

The consistency of venue, the support and facilities, and the organization have all received the most important stamp of approval a tournament can get—teams keep coming back.

More Info

The National 7s Youth Championships is held in conjunction with the 1964 Foundation and the Cleveland Rugby Academy. To get information about sponsorship, go here>> 

For more information about the Nation 7s Youth Championships, go here>>