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Marin Ends Tour With Win

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Marin Ends Tour With Win

Marin and Llantwit Maor players hang out after the game.

The Marin Highlanders ended their tour of England and Wales with a victory Sunday over Llantwit Major of Wales.

The tour was planned and run by Irish Rugby Tours, and included a slate of competitive games that provided the Highlanders with the right rugby experience.

In this final game, Andre Lopez scored his second hat trick of the season. Hooker Joe Calzeretta, center Maximo Tribuzio, and fullback Griffin Rudy also scored tries.

The team was well-hosted, and capped off a very enjoyable cultural and sporting tour of England and Wales.

They also got to see Wales play France in the Six Nations in Cardiff. It was a classic.

"The boys were really excited to see Wales vs France," said Marin Coach John Vantress.

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