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LVI CRC Qualifier Day Two Latest

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LVI CRC Qualifier Day Two Latest

Clemson keeps charging David Barpal photo.

Here's the latest from the CRC Qualifiers at the LVI.

Top to bottom, Lindenwood won, St. Bonaventure rebounded, and Dixie State lost, but still have impressed. David Barpal photos.
Lindenwood University men's rugby in action at the LVI CRC Qualifier 2017. David Barpal photo for Goff Rugby Report.
St. Bonaventure men's rugby in action at the LVI CRC Qualifier 2017. David Barpal photo for Goff Rugby Report.
Dixie State men's rugby in action at the LVI CRC Qualifier 2017. David Barpal photo for Goff Rugby Report.

The championship will be decided from these four teams: Lindenwood (St. Charles), Notre Dame College, Central Washington, and Clemson. Of these, only Clemson hasn't really competed for this tournament before. CWU won it in 2011. NDC finished 2nd last year. Lindenwood has come close a couple of times.

Lindenwood thumped their local rivals Lindenwood-Belleville 40-15 in today's quarters. Clemson got tries from James Rogers, Liam Helstrom, and Colin Gregory, and held Santa Clara in check 21-5. Central Washington, which blew through the opposition on the first day, had to fight for it against a Dixie State that was a surprise pool winner yesterday.


DIxies State's coach Scott Moffitt laughed at the fact they were picked to finish last in their pool.

"We are just fine going under the radar," he said. "We didn't mind being in a tough tossup pool. We just hope to compete well [on Friday] and represent for our state and conference. We have a lot of new players but some of our core group come from Snow Canyon and Herriman rugby.  We are family and play for each other. So on the day it was a team effort from all individuals doing what they were supposed to do to make the next guy better next to them."


In the Plate rounds, teams that felt they'd missed an opportunity had a chance to show their stuff. JMU (after getting the confirmation that they were in the Plate and not Tulane after clarifying with tournament organizers), hammered Colgate. Western Michigan, which competed well on Thursday, beat Northeastern 19-12. Grand Canyon got tries from Maceo Brown and Ricky Wisdom to lead 14-5 but fell behind 14-15 to Buffalo before Brown and Widsom did the same in the second half to pull out the victory. St. Bonaventure had to work for it against Montana State. North Westall's try was their only scoring in the first half, but second-half tries from Matt Bergstol, Stephvan Tanner, and Chaz Schwenk won it for SBU.

Here are scores from Thursday plus updated scores from today's action. 


2017 LVI Men's College Bracket
  March 2 Pool Play
  Central Washington 39 Buffalo 0
  Tulane 17 Georgetown 7
  Notre Dame College 35 Harvard 5
  Colgate 14 Millersville 0
  Lindenwood 26 St. Bonaventure 0
  Colorado 36 UNLV 0
  Wheeling Jesuit 15 Utah Valley 17
  Northeastern 12 Dixie State 14
  Central Washington 50 Tulane 0
  Buffalo 12 Georgetown 12
  Notre Dame C. 33 Colgate 5
  Harvard 14 Millersville 0
  Lindenwood 50 Colorado 5
  St Bonaventure 28 UNLV 0
  Wheeling Jesuit 5 Northeastern 7
  Utah Valley 14 Dixie State 17
  Central Washington 32 Georgetown 5
  Buffalo 24 Tulane 14
  Notre Dame College 14 Millersville 0
  Harvard 7 Colgate 21
  Lindenwood 59 UNLV 0
  St Bonaventures 20 Colorado 13
  Wheeling Jesuit 26 Dixie State 19
  Utah Valley 5 Northeastern 17
  James Madison 0 Clemson 38
  Michigan State 0 Montana State 21
  Lindenwood-Belleville 17 Santa Clara 19
  Western Michigan 42 Coll. of Idaho 0
  Grand Canyon 12 NEC 19
  Utah State 64 CSU-Pueblo 0
  James Madison 21 Michigan State 17
  Clemson 36 Montana State 0
  Lindenwood-Belleville 33 Western Michigan 0
  Santa Clara 42 Coll. of Idaho 5
  Grand Canyon 22 Utah State 7
  NEC 54 CSU-Pueblo 0
  James Madison 17 Montana State 17
  Clemson 33 Michigan State 12
  Lindenwood-Belleville 66 Coll. of Idaho 0
  Santa Clara 17 Western Michigan 17
  Grand Canyon 82 CSU-Pueblo 0
  NEC 26 Utah State 14
  March 3 Knockout Rounds
QF Plate Grand Canyon 26 Buffalo 15
QF Plate Colgate 7 James Madison 36
QF Plate Northeastern 12 Western Michigan 19
QF Plate St Bonaventure 20 Montana State 5
QF Bowl Utah State   Michigan State  
QF Bowl Colorado 15 Harvard 17
QF Bowl Wheeling Jesuit   Tulane  
QF Bowl Utah Valley 35 Georgetown 12
QF Cup Lindenwood 40 Lindenwood-Belleville 15
QF Cup NEC L Notre Dame College W
QF Cup Clemson 21 Santa Clara 5
QF Cup Central Washington 21 Dixie State 12
SF Shield UNLV   BYE  
SF Shield C. of Idaho   CSU-Pueblo  
Bowl #33 Bowl   Loser #25  
Bowl #34 Bowl   Loser #27  
SF Bowl #35 SF Bowl   Winner #25  
SF Bowl #36 SF Bowl   Winner #27  
Cup Cons Lindenwood-Belleville   NEC  
Cup Cons Santa Clara   Dixie State  
Plate Cons Colgate   Buffalo  
Plate Cons Northeastern   Montana State  
SF Plate #46 SF Plate   Winner #25  
SF Plate #47 SF Plate   Winner #27  
SF Cup Lindenwood   Notre Dame College  
3/4 Bowl #41 Bowl 3/4 Match   Loser #35  
SF Cup Clemson   Central Washington  
Shield #23 Shield 3/4   Loser #21  
Shield Final #24 Shield Final   Winner #21  
Plate Final #48 Plate Final   Winner #46  
Bowl Final #42 Bowl Final   Winner # 35  
3/4 Cup #43 Cup 3/4 Match   Loser #39  
Cup Final #45 Cup Final   Winner #39