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LSU Rugby Reinstated

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LSU Rugby Reinstated

The Louisiana State University team is back on the field after being suspended for the fall season.

The team was suspended after a player’s parent brought beer to a post-match function. The team was forced to forfeit all of its games, the ones they played and the ones they weren’t allowed to play.

But come the New Year, the team has been informed that they are back in good standing and have started practices. 

The Tigers have a small but challenging schedule of 15s games this spring, starting with DIA power Lindenwood visiting Baton Rouge on February 7. After that, they take on Texas A&M, Alabama, and University of Arkansas.

“t’s a tough schedule but we should be a better team for playing it,” said Head Coach Bob Causey. “We’re looking forward to it. Then after that we’ll play some 7s.”

The team didn’t see much player attrition following the suspension, and in fact there are some indications that a big pitcher of lemonade might be made of last fall’s lemons, with the school leadership asking some deeper questions about what the club does, and what it stands for.

“We bring guys in from out of state, and if they want to know more about what we represent and what rugby is, that could be good for us,” said Causey. “But we’re just happy to be back.”