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LSU Faces A&M in Red River Clash

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LSU Faces A&M in Red River Clash

Travis Prior photo.

Texas A&M may be leading the Red River, and Baylor may be close behind (Baylor to 4-0 with Win Over Texas State), but eyes are also on LSU, especially since the Tigers will face the Aggies this weekend.

With LSU at 1-0, A&M at 2-0, and Baylor (2-0) facing Oklahoma (1-1), this is a big weekend for the conference. LSU has been struggling over the past few years to solidify their position on campus, but things are looking up for the Tigers rugby team. Head Coach Bob Causey said that the University has been very supportive in helping his team find additional competition. In addition, a partnership with a local company, Traction Sports, has been working with LSU to get them some training space and helping them train in a professional way. Causey said this has been a huge benefit to the team.

It's the lack of tough games that hurt them late in the season, and in joining the Red River, and finding other games to play outside of the conference, the Tigers are starting test themselves.

"The guys are working very hard," said Causey. "We lost only four starters from last year's team so we've got a pretty experienced squad, but we've also moved a lot of guys around, so we have had to deal with that. We're able to find tougher competition, and the guys know that A&M is a big game. It means a lot to us. It will establish for us where we are."

Brennan Falcon is captaining the LSU team and he and Todd Dupre and Zack Stratton have all been playing well this season. But A&M will be stiff competition. Head Coach James Lowery's Aggies lost an early game to North Texas 17-15, and while losing is not fun, Lowery said, this loss was useful.

"It was a bit of a blessing in disguise," said Lowery. "We needed an early wakeup call and it illustrated to our guys what they need to do to perform."

The A&M players have had this game circled for some time, and they know now that this could be a key conference decider.

"It's absolutely a big game for us," said Lowery. "We've been playing a good team game - everyone doing their job. That's what we will need to do against LSU."

The LSU v Texas A&M game will be live streamed at noon Central Time here.