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Louisiville Coach Collapses During Game

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Louisiville Coach Collapses During Game

There was a scary moment during the Mid-American Conference 3rd-4th game on Sunday when Louisville Head Coach Emil Walton collapsed while patrolling the sideline.

Walton was taken to the hospital and at first no one knew what had happened or if he will be OK.

Both Louisville and IUPUI teams gathered on the field during the stop in action.

Walton, fortunately, appears to be OK, or at least will be, and he posted a message on Facebook from his hospital bed:

I’ll be out of commission for a few days. No worries though, you need about 3 freight trains and a few tanks to kill me.

I’m the wise words of the warrior poet, Arnold Schwarzenegger

“ I’ll be baaaack!”

Louisville won the game 33-25.


Walton was able to send us a note saying he suffered a seizure.

"I have never had issues with seizures in the past. There has been a few times over the past few months that i felt lightheaded from time to time. One of our players scored a very crucial try after multiple phases. As we all celebrated I felt an immense pressure on the brain, the pain brought me to my knees and I fell on my side and started had a seizure. I remember convulsing for 10 seconds and then blacked out. From what I was told I was out for about a minute and then regained consciousness. Within that time frame the medical personnel on standby was called, we were fortunate enough to have a few EMTs and a neuroscience nurse in the crowd.

"An ambulance was called but unfortunately could not come a cross the field due to muddy conditions. I was escorted off the field to the ambulance.

"I went for a CT scan, EKG and another test but at this point in time the results is inconclusive. Im now safe in Louisville where I'll be seeing a neurologist and the next step is getting a spinal tap to see if there is anything the CT scan has missed.

"We are trying to determine if the numerous concussions over the span of 30 years of playing before i retired is now showing side effects.

"I just want to thank the rugby community for the help. Various parents, and medics for the different teams stepped up to help. I especially want to thank Coach Richards and IUPUI for the class they have showed in this scary incident.

"As of now I am fine. I will not be going anywhere. I have few months to rest and then we will take the MAC 7's Conference with a storm."