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Loggerheads, Loonies Win PR7s

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Loggerheads, Loonies Win PR7s

Loggerheads vs Texas Team in the semifinal. David Hughes photo.

(WASHINGTON, DC, Aug. 6, 2023) Premier Rugby Sevens (PR7s) crowned its 2023 Champions tonight at Audi Field in Washington, D.C. Led by two-time U.S. Olympian Alev Kelter, the women’s Northern Loonies defeated the New York Locals in the Championship Final, 21-10. On the men’s side, U.S. Olympian Matai Leuta led the SoCal Rhinos x Loggerheads over the Pittsburgh Steeltoes, 10-5.

The path to winning the Kathy Flores Cup, the top women’s prize, included a semifinal victory for the Loonies over the Rocky Mountain Experts earlier in the night by a score of 21-14. The men’s Rhinos x Loggerheads took home the A. Jon Prusmack Cup after their night began with a 21-14 victory over the men’s Experts in the semifinal.

Kelter was awarded the women’s Most Valuable Player, while Branco Du Preez from the Rhinos x Loggerheads earned the men’s MVP.

PR7s is the first league with women’s and men’s teams competing under one umbrella with equal pay. The 2023 PR7s Championship aired live on FS1 and was the culmination of a season-long competition with eight franchises and 16 teams competing in 32 regular season games since June. Half of the teams from the Western Conference and half from the Eastern Conference earned a spot to compete at Audi Field. 

PR7s Women’s Semifinals

New York Locals 17-14 Southern Headliners

Northern Loonies 21-14 Rocky Mountain Experts

PR7s Women’s Championship Final

Northern Loonies 21-10 New York Locals

PR7s Women’s 3rd Place Match

Rocky Mountain Experts 10-7 Southern Headliners

PR7s Men’s Semifinals

SoCal Rhinos x Loggerheads 21-14 Rocky Mountain Experts

Pittsburgh Steeltoes 19-12 Texas Team

PR7s Men’s Championship Final

SoCal Rhinos x Loggerheads 10-5 defeated Pittsburgh Steeltoes

PR7s Men’s 3rd Place Match

Texas Team 19-17 Rocky Mountain Experts

The party-like atmosphere included a one-hour intermission when fans witnessed a marriage proposal and a performance by internationally acclaimed musician Paul Russell, who is currently trending on TikTok with a sample of his unreleased track “Lil Boo Thang.” The event also included a 1-hour weather delay due to lightning in the area.