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Live From Bermuda - College All-Stars, Pros and Those Islanders

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Live From Bermuda - College All-Stars, Pros and Those Islanders

Olive Kilifi will captain the USA Islanders. Judy Teasdale photo.

Two big games happen in North America today as pro club Saracens takes on the USA Islanders, and the Liberty Conference All-Stars face the a Republic of Texas U23 team.

These games will be held at the Bermuda National Stadium and will support Beyond Rugby, a non-profit initiative run by WWE commentator John Layfield. They will be streamed live on www.florrugby.com. Go here to sign up and see the games, with coverage starting at 4:15pm ET, 1:15pm PT.  

For the Liberty Conference All-Stars, the plan is to showcase the team's speed and ball-handling ability. Head Coach Jerry Mirro is very confident in his tight five, but said that it's his team's overall pace that could tip the balance.

The Texas All-Stars lineup has changed a little bit from earlier iterations, but still contains some All Americans and pro players. Liberty has players from all over the large (and newly-formed) conference. For Texas, it all brings with a rough-and-tumble tight five anchored by Mason Pedersen. Strength up front could be the difference for the Texas.

See the Texas roster here

See the Liberty roster here


Meanwhile, Saracens has named for USA captain Chris Wyles as captain for the game, which will be the first run-out for the pro club in their preseason. The USA Islanders (pictured below) have named Seattle Saracen Olive Kilifi captain of their team, which features several experienced internationals, plus some players looking to break through.

A pro team against a group cobbled together from around the country? Seems like the pro team would be heavily favored, but this Islanders team will feast on mistakes, and if Saracens makes some, the Islanders will punish.


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