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Lindenwood Pulls Away From Arkansas State In 2021 Opener

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Lindenwood Pulls Away From Arkansas State In 2021 Opener

Lindenwood No. 8 Tinashe Muchena looks for some space against Arkansas State. Photo Richard Carvell.

In the first D1A game of the 2021 Lindenwood University rode a solid second half to beat Arkansas State 31-8 in Jonesboro, Ark.

The game was a Mid-South conference game and was a decent start for the Lions in what promises to be a season full of questions.

Arkansas State has been without a head coach since Blake White left last year. COVID hasn't made it easy to find a replacement and a huge amount of the responsibility for getting the team ready. They looked pretty ready on Saturday, keeping possession for long periods and putting Lindenwood under pressure.

Despite being a bit starved for possession, Lindenwood was able to score first, with Flyhalf Evan Williams putting over a penalty and then getting a converted try to lead with only seven minutes gone. But Arkansas State stormed back, got a penalty from flyhalf Aiden Ridgway, and then put flanker Isaiah Poku down the sideline for a try and a 10-8 Lindenwood lead. But Arkansas State struggled to make all that possession pay off. The Red Wolves had a prime chance to claw back with a bice break and an overlap on the right side. But they didn't move the ball wide and a poorly-thought-out kick ahead scuttled that chance. 

Lindenwood, meanwhile, was able tp pulled away with three more tries to win it.

"Arkansas State has 66% possession in the first half," said Lindenwood Head Coach Josh Macy. "We were lucky to not have been down at half."

Ridgway's penalty and Poku's try constituted the only scoring for Arkansas State. Wing Morgan Purcell scored two tries for Lindenwood while No. 8 Tinashe Muchena and fullback Connor Burns also touched down. Evan Williams added four conversions and a penalty for the 31-8 victory. 


Arkansas State

  1. Tim Ohlwein
  2. George Sharpe (c)
  3. David Ige
  4. Asa Carter
  5. Dante Bandoni
  6. Dale Hartmann
  7. Isaiah Poku
  8. Evan Roode
  9. TJ Van Rensburg
  10. Aiden Ridgway
  11. James Luecke
  12. Joel Penrose
  13. Daniel Raath
  14. Keelan Watkins
  15. Emile Blanc

  16. Cameron Dowie
  17. Will Hernandez
  18. Jalen Farmer
  19. Craig Snyder
  20. Nathan Raath
  21. Nick Aummann
  22. Elvis Circi
  23. Mazvita Nyamarebvu



  1. Liam Smith
  2. Kayleb O'Donoghue
  3. Sam Buckley
  4. Marnus Spangenberg (c)
  5. Emmanuel Albert
  6. Cian Darling
  7. Ayden Hurst
  8. Tinashe Muchena
  9. Richard Felton
  10. Evan Williams
  11. Morgan Purcell
  12. Cael Hodgson
  13. Stephin Alberts 
  14. Shiven Dukande 
  15. Connor Burns

  16. Miguel Bermejo-Arcos 
  17. Beorn Graham 
  18. Chad Tinney 
  19. Jonah Dietenberger
  20. Ross Brocket
  21. Cody Erhardt
  22. Evan Conlon
  23. Coleson Warner