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LA 7s Countdown: Which Pool Is The Toughest?

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LA 7s Countdown: Which Pool Is The Toughest?

Mike Lee KLC fotos for World Rugby.

So what's the Pool of Death in the LA Sevens?

Which pool is really the scary one.

In fact, there doesn't really seem to be one. Each pool seems equally competitive.

But, if we were pinned down to pick one, we'd pick Pool A. Fiji is the defending Sevens World Series champion and won the last tournament in Sydney.

Argentina is a two-time winner on US soil, and France is a surprise #3 in the World Series right now. While Korea is the 16th team and is trying to get experience before they play in the 2020 Olympics, and therefore will not be favored to win this pool, the other three are legitimate tournament contenders.

What about Pool B? Here you've got four teams who all are good enough to make the Cup Quarterfinals, so every game will be a battle.

The USA is in Pool C, and while Samoa has struggled the last three tournaments, remember that they made the top four in Dubai. Scotland always gives the USA trouble, and Australia was 3rd in Hamilton and is ranked above the USA right now.

Pool D? Right now this is the one pool where you can identify two solid favorites (New Zealand and England) and two others. What do you think?

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LA Sevens Pools

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