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Kutztown, Brown Lead at Ariel Re 7s

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Kutztown, Brown Lead at Ariel Re 7s

The Ariel Re 7s is run by Rugby and is held in Bermuda.

Here are the scores from Day One of this weekend's Ariel Re 7s in Bermuda.

To see the whole schedule go here>>


Men's Collegiate Games:
UConn 22-17 Rowan
Kutztown 48-0 Harvard
Mystic Collegiates 38-5 Vanderbilt
Stony Brook 19-10 Cornell
Brown 34-0 Maryland
Bermuda All-Stars 27-5 Rowan
U. Notre Dame 28-5 UConn
Harvard 31-5 Vanderbilt
Kutztown 29-7 Mystic Collegiates
Maryland 31-29 Cornell
Brown 27-5 Stony Brook
Bermuda All-Stars 38-17 UConn
U. Notre Dame 29-5 Rowan
Harvard 5-33 Mystic Collegiates
Kutztown 58-0 Vanderbilt
Maryland 35-5 Stony Brook
U. Notre Dame 10-21 Bermuda All-Stars

Kutztown, Brown, and Bermuda Stars ended the day unbeaten. The Mystic Collegiates were the top team with one loss. The Kutztown Bears outscored opponents 135-7 on the day.

The quarterfinals are:
Kutztown vs Stony Brook
Bermuda All-Stars vs Maryland
Brown vs UConn
Mystic Collegiates vs U. Notre Dame

Women's Collegiate Games:
Bermuda All-Stars 17-10 Colgate 
Rowan 0-22 Colgate 
Bermuda All-Stars 22-0 Rowan 

Colgate will play-off with Rowan for the right to play the Bermuda All-Stars in the final.