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Kennesaw State Lays Down A Marker

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Kennesaw State Lays Down A Marker

Kennesaw State is not going away, and proved it with a superb performance Saturday to defeat 2-0 Kentucky 24-5.

KSU’s defensive effort was impressive as Kentucky has scored 113 points in the Wildcats’ last two conference games.

“It was a pretty solid team performance,” said Head Coach Randall Joseph, who started the program in 2005 and returned a couple of years ago.

“Part of our success is that we had several players who played sevens over the summer and they really brought that fitness and confidence to the 15s team,” said Joseph. 

Two years ago Kennesaw State was in the South Independent Conference, and took only 18 players. Now they have depth, they have recruited some talent from on-campus, and seen a few players come back to Georgia on transfer. 

“Recruiting and building depth has been a big part of what we’re doing,” said Joseph. “We got some players who played in high school and understand the game, but we’ve also brought in some athletes who are new to rugby and have picked it up really well. We’ve fielded a 2nd team in every weekend we’ve played, and we’re building.” 

They're building a pretty impressive building. The 3-0 record isn't against weak opposition. KSU beat Tennessee 29-19 and South Carolina 50-7 before this weekend's victory. KSU looks to have a pretty clear run to 1st in the SCRC.