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Jesuit New Orleans Beats Tourists

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Jesuit New Orleans Beats Tourists

Celebratory Blue Jays from 2022.

Missouri-based tourists Park Hill United were defeated by Jesuit New Orleans in United's second game of their trip to Louisiana.

Brother Martin Wins in Tense Comeback Over Tourists Park Hill

Anderson Happel played his first game for Jesuit and scored two tries from the wing. Meanwhile the halfback combo of Matt Cashio and Andrew Newell worked very smartly together and kept turning the field around with their precise box kicks (from Cashio) and crossfield kicks (from Newell).

Cashio, who is set to attend Cardiff Met in Wales once he graduates, ran in three tries for Jesuit New Orleans as the Blue Jays won 52-0.

This is the latest in a series of challenging cross-border games for Jesuit, which includes Strake Jesuit, Dallas Jesuit, and St. Pius X in Texas, Pendleton out of Indiana, Germantown out of Tennessee, top club team out of Texas the Woodlands, and LaSalle out of Pennsylvania, with more expected.