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Ivy Showdown in Dartmouth v Harvard

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Ivy Showdown in Dartmouth v Harvard

Dartmouth looks to finish their Ivy League season undefeated. David Barpal photo.


The Ivy League regular season top spot gets decided this weekend as 5-0 Harvard takes on 6-0 Dartmouth.

Harvard has been consistently strong this fall, scoring four tries in every game closing out close games. Coach Mike Diamantopoulos has worked to get the Crimson playing as a unit, and they've done that. But Dartmouth, despite some setbacks early in the fall, has been dominant in their Ivy League games, outscoring teams 66-15. 

"The team has been working extremely hard since preseason and we are excited to be in the position we are in, top of the Ivy Conference with one game to go," said Dartmouth Head Coach Gavin Hickie. "We could not have asked for a more meaningful and important final game of our Fall season."

Hickie said his squad has been imporving week-by-week and focusing on their own performance.

"We were pleased with our accuracy and execution last week against Columbia, and we will be looking for the same this week," said Hickie. "We are aware of the dangers Harvard pose. Like ourselves, they are unbeaten in the Ivy Conference and have been playing some very good rugby this season."

The game will be held at Brophy Field at Dartmouth at 1pm ET. The game will be live streamed.

There are three more Ivy League games this weekend, also.

Cornell (3-3) has a shot to secure 3rd with a win over Princeton, while Brown (2-3-1) and Yale (2-3) play each other with an eye to 4th place. Why does all of that matter? Well there's a playoff to be held in the spring without Dartmouth, which won't enter the DIAA playoffs but will play in the Varsity Cup. So finishing in the top five is important because then you're one of the four teams in the playoff. Perhaps for that, the big game will be Columbia, 7th at 1-4, playing 1-5 Penn at 6th. 

Because, there's one more week left, with Harvard playing 2-3 Yale and Princeton playing Columbia. It's possible Columbia could win its final two games and push for 5th.


Ivy League W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
Dartmouth 6 0 0 394 88 306 6 0 30
Harvard 5 0 0 158 80 78 5 0 25
Cornell 3 3 0 211 142 69 3 1 16
Brown 2 3 1 125 231 -106 2 0 12
Yale 2 3 0 92 125 -33 2 1 11
Penn 1 5 0 113 213 -100 2 1 7
Columbia 1 4 0 96 194 -98 1 1 6
Princeton 1 4 1 63 141 -78 0 0 6