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Ivy League Teams Make Statements

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Ivy League Teams Make Statements

Photo Adam Smith.

Dartmouth's win over Army has a lot of their supporters talking, but there's more to talk about in the Ivy League.

Obviously West Point is not in the Ivy League, but the Dartmouth win, their first in over 20 years, is an indication that the Big Green has come back from the COVID delays as strong as ever. Mike Weir, who has been a clutch playmaker, scorer, and kicker, since he was in middle school with Doylestown (where he also played in high school) and later Atlantis and EIRA, hasn't changed. His ability to get points in a tight game and then find space for his support runners when the game opened up is hugely valuable to Dartmouth. Jasper Green and Charles Fenn scored the tries—Weir's crossfield kick set it up for Fenn.

"We kicked the ball well," said Head Coach James Willocks, "Mike is pure class. And we scrummaged well. We stopped their maul."

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Dartmouth got into a lot of penalty trouble so they needed their defense to stand up, too.

"I'm over the moon for our boys. It's been a long time since we have been able to get one over on them," said Willocks, who also had kind words for Army Head Coach Matt Sherman and the West Point team. "Sherm does an amazing job down there and we are all in awe of the commitment they make."

But this isn't the only team to worry about in the Ivy League. Brown's 76-3 dismissal of Yale, a Yale team that had already logged a couple of good results, is worth noting.

Hudson Lee, Ollie Corbett, Pablo Lavilla, and Adam Eberle each scored two tries for the Bears. William Zeller, Santiago Cortabarria, Antonio Esteves, and Sam Jana all touched down as well. Corbett was a force thrughout the game and stole a number of Yale lineouts. Meanwhile, his second try was a 55-meter ramble where he beat the Yale fullback to finish it off.

"Pretty strong performance for us," said Head Coach David LaFlamme "Yale was a good team that played a physical game. I wouldn't call it a clinical performance but I would say that we played a pretty well balanced game. Defensively, we bent quite a bit but didn't break, which was encouraging."