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Iowa Central Prop Lane Pruisner Saves a Life

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Iowa Central Prop Lane Pruisner Saves a Life

Lane Pruisner after Iowa Central's national fall D1A championship win. He did something more important on Monday.

Iowa Central Community College prop Lane Pruisner saved somebody's life Monday night.

Pruisner was on his way to class when he saw a man in his car in distress. The man was clearly having trouble breathing and appeared to Pruisner to be having a seizure. The young student pulled the man from the car where he was sitting, and got someone to call 911 while he tried to clear the man's airway. 

When the ambulance arrived, the man had apparently lost consciousness and Pruisner was convinced he had died. But in fact, while the man had apparently suffered a heart attack, Pruisner's quick action ensured that he lived and is now under care at a local hospital.

"That's a traumatic thing for anyone to go through," said Pruisner's coach, Brent Nelson. "The whole night Lane was thinking the man had passed away. I tried to comfort him and tell him he did everything right, and it was such a relief this morning to tell Lane that his actions had saved a life."

Pruisner first started playing rugby in Ankeny, Iowa for the Centennial HS team in Central Iowa's 7s league. He learned quickly and eventually earned a place with the USA U20s. He landed a place at Iowa CCC and after this season will move on to play at Arkansas State. 

Jake Mizell at ASU said he's proud of have someone like Lane Pruisner on his team.

"He’s literally been one of the best I’ve ever had the chance to work with," said Mizell. "His character and work ethic are elite and its shows on the field. When I first started working with him he had only played 15s in one tournament for EIRA Heartland at the Rocky Mountain challenge. By the end of his first 15s season he had earned US U20 honors at prop which is no easy feat. He leads by example on an off the field. This kid has a bright future not because of his talent and athleticism; but because his coachability, work ethic, and humbleness are already at a professional level. Lane epitomizes what Iowa is all about. Show up early, work hard, and be thankful for the opportunity."

Nelson added: "we are elated for the man and his family. I'm sure it was scary for him. This was a happy ending and we are hoping he has a full recovery. The event speaks deeply to the character of Lane Pruisner. Lane is not afraid of adversity; he runs toward it and takes it on head first. I think that's the truest representation of our sport.

"We need more Lane Pruisners in this world for sure."