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Invitations Sent For 2020 Boys HS National Championships

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Invitations Sent For 2020 Boys HS National Championships

Dan Bandoni photo.

The Boys HS Rugby National Championships team selection committee has confirmed its list of invitees for the 2020 tournament in Salt Lake City.

The privately-run HS Nationals will return to the RAC in Salt Lake City and will be held May 14, 15 and 16, with one game per team every day.

About 40 teams applied for the 24 spots, which could possibly be the highest number of applicants. Teams that apply have to demonstrate longstanding success and an ability to pay for the travel (demonstrated by, in part, a large deposit that goes toward hotel rooms).

The large number of teams was note evenly-distributed between single-school and high school club teams. For the first time, the number of HS Clubs far outstripped the number of single-school teams. As a result, the Committee opted to invite more clubs than single-school teams.

Later on this spring the teams will be seeded into Single-School, HS Club, and Tier II brackets. The Tier II has always been a mixture of clubs and single-school teams, but this year will have more clubs than single-school programs to reflect the number of clubs that applied.

"We received a large number of very strong applications, especially from the high school club division," said Boys HS Nationals Tournament Director Bart Bottorff. "That's a good problem to have. But it also led us to adjust the numbers accordingly. That's why we have more clubs than single-school teams."

"What's important is that more teams are understanding what they have to do to get to Nationals, and more are willing to do it. And they understand that we are not only looking for the best teams on the field, but strong teams off the field, as well."

Bottorff also said he is pleased with the geographical diversity of the teams. The teams invited come from 11 different states as well as DC. 

"We're really excited to have teams from Texas and Nebraska compete," said Bottorff.

Finally, the Committee invited 23 teams. There are actually 24 spots for Boys HS Nationals, but one spot has been left open pending some results during the spring season, which will help the Committee finalize a decision on that remaining spot.

Here are the teams invited:

Aspetuck (CT). HS Club.

Back Bay (CA). The defending HS Club national champion.

Charlotte Tigers (TX). HS Club.

Eastside Lions (WA). HS club and 2019 Tier II runner-up.

Danville (CA). HS Club, 5th last year and 2018 national champion.

Fort Hunt (VA). The 2018 HS Club runner-up.

Gonzaga (DC). The 2018 Single-School champion.

Greenwich (CT). Single-school team.

Herriman (UT). The 2019 Single-School runner-up.

Jesuit Sacramento (CA). The defending Single-School national champion.

Kansas City Jr. Blues (MO). HS Club.

Olympus (UT). Single-school team.

Penn HS (IN). Single-school team.

Raleigh Redhawks (NC). HS Club.

Rocky Mountain (ID). HS Club and defending Tier II champion.

Royal Irish (IN). The 2019 and 2018 HS Club runner-up, and 2017 champion. 

St. Thomas Aquinas (KS). Single-school team.Westside (NE). HS Club.Wando (SC). Single-school team.

San Diego Mustangs (CA). HS Club.

United (UT). HS Club.

Wando (SC). SIngle-school team.

Wastside (NE). HS Club.

Woodlands (TX). HS Club.

Xavier (NY). Single-school team.