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Indiana On a Roll, and Wants to Stay There

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Indiana On a Roll, and Wants to Stay There

Indiana keeps getting these trophy things. Andy Marsh photo.

It's been a pretty long season for the University of Indiana.

After starting the 15s season in August with a coaching change, the Hoosiers ran through a tough Big 10 season, taking the #1 seed out of the regular season into the final, where they were edged by Ohio State.

Ohio State Comeback Highlights Big Ten Finals Day

Then IU got right back into business, playing in and winning almost every tournament they entered through the snowy March and rainy, windy April.

Indiana Rolls to Win in Big 10 Series Stop at Purdue

But are tey burned out? No way. They've got an R7CC tournament to win. Now, they did drop a game or two. They lost to Kutztown, for example, and captain Will Chevalier, who won a men's club championship with the Chicago Lions last summer, said it was a good lesson.

"We had the ball at the very end and had the opportunity to score with no time left," said Chevalier. "We felt like we should've come away with it. But at the same time it was a wakeup call for the squad. Every game will be that competitive this weekend."

IU has had played get hit with injuries, but "I wouldn't say we're in any danger of burnout. We've had the past couple of weeks to get back to full strength and everyone was back in game form during training this week. We're ready and excited for the weekend."

What they can unleash is a very nice combination of talents. They have several players who can break off long-range tries. Chevalier directs the attack smartly with his field vision.

And they have power, as well, with many observers saying the stealth star of the team may well be Noah Brown.

The R7CC kicks off Saturday morning and is live on NBC and their various channels and platforms. Indiana is in Men's Gold Pool D with Air Force, Cal Poly, and Life University